Outhouse Style Shed Conversion

By PAchickengirl · Nov 3, 2012 · Updated Nov 3, 2012 · ·
  1. PAchickengirl
    My husband had built this shed to look like an outhouse out of rough cut lumber about 15 years ago. When we decided to get chickens he built the nesting boxing, added a roost above, and cut a small door for the run. We re-purposed some metal shipping frames to make the run. All in all, using things we had around the house or left over materials from my husband's place of employment, we only spent about $50. On supplies, mainly the chicken wire.

    *Having trouble linking a picture, will edit it in soon.


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  1. watsonlane
    Very cute!
  2. judyki2004
    cute! love the antique look, would love to see mor pics
  3. The Old Yolks
    Super cute. I have one similar for my Nankins. Great Job!

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