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By mroger82 · Apr 10, 2014 · ·
  1. mroger82
    My winter project turned into a spring project, but finally completed my coop. It measures 9' X 6.5'. It stands 20" off the ground, has 5' walls and stands 9' at the roof peak. It technically is a tractor, but will only be moved seasonally for sun/shade as it weighs a ton. Our chicks free range and we have a flock of 13 pullets (12 weeks old as of this writing), and they love it.
    The platform with one wall on top of it. More walls framed out laying up against the cedars.
    Front view of coop with all wall up.
    Side view.
    Quarter view.
    Nesting box framed out.
    Front with nesting box.
    Roof on and OSB board going on. Ladders for reference. 6' ladder in foreground and 9' ladder on right side. I went with a metal roof as it is easy to handle, apply, and maintain. It also provides better ventilation.
    Side view with OSB.
    Side view. You can see I left the ridge cap on the roof extended out. It provides more ventilation while keeping out the rain.
    Other side with chicken door.
    Front view of coop finished out with plywood siding. I also added a flower box between the windows.
    Two 9' long staggered roosts. Plenty of room for our small flock.
    Looking out of the front. Notice I have the nest boxes blocked off. They're not ready yet and I didn't want the girls to foul it up before it's ready. Expecting my first eggs in about 8 weeks...I hope.
    A look under the eaves. Plenty of ventilation blocked with wire mesh to keep unwanted vermin out.
    Looking at the ceiling. It's hard to see, but there is a nice gap for the air to get out through the ridge cap.

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  1. Nardo
    "Great mobile coop"
    4/5, 4 out of 5, reviewed Jan 7, 2019
    Great work building this brightly colored coop. This is very well built.
  2. Anonymous
    "Nice progress pics and lovely finished coop!"
    3/5, 3 out of 5, reviewed Jul 8, 2018


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  1. highcountrybell
  2. featherweightmn
    The design is really nice -love the color!!
  3. mroger82
    You know, when I was first planning this project, I said to myself "I'm going to keep all of my receipts and know exactly what I have spent." Well, sorry to say that plan fell be the whey side. After a couple of trips to Lowes and back (there were many trips) and some lost receipts, I just didn't keep up with costs. It became more of a labor of love so-to-speak. It wasn't cheap by any means. So while I don't have any hard numbers for you, I can say you're looking at around $1000. It's amazing how much you can spend on hardware alone. I wish I could go back and see exactly what we spent, but I knew the design I had planned, knew what materials I wanted to use, and was going to build it to those specs. It just became where it really wasn't that important to me to know the dollar amounts. I didn't go extravagant at all and cut corners where I could. For example the trim is furring strips, plywood sheet siding. metal roofing, etc. I could have made it much cheaper just by making a conventional dimensioned design. For example it is 9 feet wide. I had to buy 10 foot lumber and cut it, instead of using 8 foot lumber. Also had to buy extra sheets of OSB and siding because they come in 4 ft widths. That's just amateur carpentry design/planning on my part.
  4. teneyck farms
    i like your coop any idea what the cost was im thinking of building one simliar but im on a tight budget
  5. buffchicks
    This came out great! I bet your chickens are very happy.

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