Hello All....
I'm new to Chickens but thought I'd post some pictures of my babies so any folks newer than me could see what they look like.

So, let me get started by saying I bought my chicks at a local feed store (but I found out that they buy their chicks from Ideal)
The store said they were one week old Barred Plymouth Rock Pullets. (I was under the impression that pullets were older and already laying eggs, so I was surprised when they turned out to be chicks) I do not know if they were vaccinated for anything because in all the hub-bub I forgot to ask... But they did tell me that they were on Medicated Starter feed. I paid $3.95 for each of them.
I have read on BYC's that BR (Barred Rock) chicks can can be sexed by looking at the size of the white spot on their heads (it should be a spot...not a big white patch) and hens will be darker than roo's, and hens should have a dark color running down their legs and feet. I have no idea if this is accurate or not, so I guess we'll find out soon enough

The first picture is of "Mocha" (named by my Daughter) and I'm fairly certain this is a hen.
She has a nice small white spot on her head, is dark in color, and has dark coloring running down her legs. She has a dark stripe across her beak and the start of a small comb.
This next picture is a profile shot of her and you can just start to see her stripes coming in on her feathers. In the background you can see "Poachy" (named by my Son). We're not sure about Poachy's sex. Poachy's spot on the head is much bigger, and although there is the dark running down the feet...I am worried because the comb that is starting is also much bigger than on the other pullet. But I guess we'll just have to wait it out.
The last shot for right now is an overhead shot of them so that you can see the spots on their heads, their cute little tails (that supposedly wag like a dogs when they get older) and just their overall cuteness
Well, I'll keep you posted on their growth....