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  1. ChickenShell-A
    I think John is starting to soften up to the whole farming thing
    I think as long as I dont ask him to build me anything
    After the house is done. He is ok with my Crazy
    DREAM of having a FARM.little
    he he he!!!!
    Now for an update
    Saddley I lost my frist 2 Chickens to a HAWK
    May they Rest In Peace.
    So now the hens are all on lock down in the pen that I
    had to cover with a netting to keep my

    Girls safe.
    I ALSO HAD TO FIND NEW HOMES FOR THE TWO ROOSTERS that made to much noise and my kids would not eat the eggs any more

    SO on a better note

    I bought 5 Cuckoo Marans pullets
    from Farmer Jim down on the Cape. Thank you Jim for
    Dark Brown eggs
    to add to my colorful egg basket.


    And now for the REAL WING DINGER I have 10 more

    Coming in on 4/02/08
    So a Big Shout out to Nevaeh the pic worked baby!!!
    the Golden Laced crested Polish [​IMG] [​IMG]
    will be here next week
    And a Big Shout out to Destiny for the good work

    on the Cream & Gold Brabanters
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    she could'nt Make up her mind on a color!
    a big Thank You to my husband John who has to
    [COLOR=#ff3300] [IMG][URL][/URL][/IMG]
    It is the best Easter basket you could have given to me!!
    ok so I'm not to madd i didn't get the mini goats for
    And my new order has been put in for
    Mothers Day[/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff3300] [/COLOR]
    [COLOR=#ff3300] [SIZE=4] Thank you[/SIZE][SIZE=5] Dear Husband [/SIZE][SIZE=4]For the Pair of [/SIZE][/COLOR]

    Sebastopol Geese
    Holderread Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Center
    [SIZE=6][COLOR=#ff3300] Due some time at the end of April[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff3300][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff3300] and a Big Big shout out to the wise old farmer [/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff3300] Marie[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff3300] he he he!!
    Who is also getting a pair of
    Sebastopol Geese [/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=6][COLOR=#ff3300] [IMG][URL][/URL][/IMG]
    to be raised on my little Farm [/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [SIZE=5][COLOR=#ff3300] that is getting bigger by the moment![/COLOR][/SIZE]
    and I hope she can help me cut the plywood for
    the new floor in the soon to be
    BIG BIG Chicken coop
    out in the old Horse barn

    [B][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff3300][B][SIZE=4][COLOR=#ff3300] [/COLOR][/SIZE][/B]

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