Today is Wednesday March 9, 2011. Of the 13 EE I set on 2/26, one had a bad air cell so I chucked it (I think I'll risk it next time) and 8 had no development after 10 days and were clear when cracked open. Four are (or should I say were as of Monday!) cookin' right along! Can't see too much in those anymore! Plus my candler is not THAT bright.
I set 4 more (back ups, since I first thought I fried, then froze the others) on Sunday 3/6. This morning I GENTLY candled them - one is shelled too dark to see well, and the other 3 are developing! I know it's early but I'm hopeful!
Since I'll have a staggered hatch going on here there will be variables and obstacles....but come out with a couple fuzzy bottomed babies in the end.
I also have some dark chocolate and army green eggs coming AFTER the back up eggs are through with the bator. I'm going to nab some silkies (white &/or buff) too!

I'm hooked!!!