They're heeeeeereeeee!


On Tuesday night saw the very late arrival of my two little girls that i call "The Ladies". I'm still yet to come up with individual names for them but im throwing around the idea of "Fangs" and "Claws". Those shifty eyes always look like they are plotting and scheming...i just heard you gasp in horror so be relieved to know i kid. I'll work out their names in due course. In the mean time they are "The Ladies" which is fitting.
Perhaps i should start off with a little about me. I'm 34 years of age and slightly weird. Most of us are, im just happy to admit it. I've been wanting chooks FOREVER but the husband has been stamping his foot saying 'you have too many animals" Pfft! Impossible i tell him. He's not convinced. I should point out im not one of those crazy cat ladies with a mountain of rubbish in the front yard with 1300 cats to attend to like he would have you believe. No, im the proud owner of two very willful Burmese cats who rule this house with an iron fist. I have a 10 month old Miniature Australian Bulldog who gets away with mischeif by giving my this bloody cute stare that works every single time. I had a tank full of fish but the trade was if i got rid of the fish i could have chickens. Just so happened my Mum was in he market for fish so problem solved. Along came the chickens!
My menagerie and I live on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Temperatures get down to a cool -2 in winter to a hearty 42 degrees in Summer. Now i know this is an American website but i'll let you do the conversions. Lets just say, frozen windscreens on yoru car in winter and cook an egg on the footpath in summer. Its a very small suburban house block i live on but my back yard is very well organised in that i try to be as self sufficient as i can be without crowding everyone in including us poor humans. I have quite a decent sized vegy patch, an ornamenal garden and lawn for the hound to do what the hound does best and the eastern side of the house is the egg factory zone.
I've purchased my chooks from a chook dealer called Rentachook. Basically i have 6 weeks to get to know the girls and if we get along just fine and the girls don't cause a divorce then the girls stay. If for some ridiculous reason that it doesn't work (pfft as if!) then i can return them back along with the coop, feed and pooped on straw....well maybe not pooped on straw but you ge what im saying. Its now Saturday and over the past 5 days i have simply fell in love. As for the husband? Well he's been away for work but he constantly asks for updates so i think he has an affectionate long distance relationship going on. He'll formally meet the girls tomorrow.
About the girls; they are approximately 19 weeks of age and are Isa Browns. Apparently top layers however they are yet to prove that reputation. I haven't seen one egg as yet. Come on ladies, the clock is a ticken'.

So id like to update this on a regular basis. See how we go. I'm an accountant by day and a sloth by night so after working and tending to animals sometimes when i have a free minute all i want to do is put up my feet and down a glass of wine.
Nice to see fellow minded crazy chicken folk in the one place. Look forward to chatting with you all.


Camo Chook! Ready to pounce any second.

P.S My typing will be filled with mistakes and bad grammer but you made it this far so how bad can it be?!