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By Parson's Wife · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Parson's Wife
    Hello, Welcome to my page... I am a minister's wife from Arkansas.
    LIFE FROM THE PARSONAGE I am, "The Parson's Wife
    THE ADDRESS IS Come follow me on my journey!
    Don't forget to check out: Economy Cooking From Your Pantry, Share Your Casserole Recipe, & Possum Pie...these pages are located within the forum.
    I love to cook, sew, craft... :) Chickens are more than a hobby for me, and someday..the Parsonage will be large enough for a farm... Not sure how the church members will like that...but here's hoping...
    A ministers job is not an easy one, and the same goes for his companion. However, I enjoy working beside my wonderful husband, whose heart is as big as he is.
    I would also want you to know, if you need someone to pray with you, or talk to...I'm here for you.

    Who knew that chickens and their friends would be so entertaining? Thank you for reading my blog page, and thank you for your kind thoughts.
    I try not to give names of our congregation, I want to honor their right to privacy, so we make "fun nicknames" for each of them, & I might add the names suit them to a tee!
    I'm busy for the Lord, & love living for Jesus!

    May the Lord Bless You
    All God's Creatures Great and Small

    The Parson's Wife

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