Hi and welcome to my page.
I live in Northwest Florida and have been a chicken owner for many years.
Here I will share some photos of my chickens as well as a new coop that is currently in progress.

Here is the beginning of our new coop...

Here is a photo of our old coop. It has been there for years and as you can see, this is a much needed upgrade.
Notice the trencher in front. We are burying water line for the automatic watering system. Also the roofing metal in the foreground for the new coop.

Here is the trench for the water line that will feed the automatic watering system.

More progress... putting the top boards on so we can start on the roof...

Here are a few shots of our chickens....

Here's Colonel, one of our Partridge Rock Roosters

Emerald, one of our Partridge Rock Hens

Chloe, one of our Red Star hens

Foghorn, our other Partridge Rock Rooster and 2 of our PR hens

another of the PR hens and on Red Star hen on the right.