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    Hello, I live in Iowa on a Cow/Calf farm. I am a part time Photographer/Farmer of sorts. I have my lovely wife and LOTS of animals on the place.
    My 8 years old German Shepherd male, Chief.
    My 9 year old German Shepherd female, Raven.
    My wife's 2 Rat Terrier's Male and Female. Jack and Jill.
    60 Hereford Cows, 6 Jersey Cow's, 4 Hereford Bulls, 2 Pygmy Does, 2 Boer Bucks, 50 Katahdin ewes and some Dorper ewe crosses, 3 BF Dorper Rams, some horses and I think thats it but I do forget.
    Lots of Chickens, Geese and soon to be Ducks (thanks to Roos).

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