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Partyfowl Swap Page

By Partyfowl · Apr 19, 2013 · Updated Jun 5, 2013 ·
  1. Partyfowl
    Things I have for swap!​

    Egg swap. Currently empty handed.

    WYG swap

    5 drinking poultry nipples

    Plant/seed swap;

    Iris tuber
    Pair of Medium purple gripper garden gloves.
    3 Anemone bulbs
    1oz packet of Plant Tone, organic fertilizer

    Organic Non Gmo heirloom seeds;

    Purple kohlrabi
    Mustard, red giant
    Mustard, southern giant curled
    Endive, Broadleaf Batavian
    Asparagus, seed Mary Washington
    Lentils, Lenticchie Verdi
    Cabbage, Wong Bok
    Celery, Utah
    Collard, Creole
    Grains, Kamut
    Grains, Amaranth
    Chives, garlic seed

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