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By pasofinofarm · Jan 11, 2012 ·
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    My name is Melissa. I live is Southeast Texas with my husband Don. To me hatching eggs are still truly one of life's little miracles. We have had chickens off and on for 25 years and have loved them all. We are currently breeding Large Fowl Ameraucanas, Wheaten/Blue Wheaten variety, Large Fowl Salmon Faverolles,Blue Salmon Faverolles and White Faverolles, and Golden Cuckoo Marans. I enjoy spending time with my chickens and meeting and talking with other chicken lovers. We both still work full time off farm so do not have time to show but hope to when we retire (if we ever retire).
    We live on a 32 acre farm in the East Texas Piney Woods. Our God has been good to us and blessed us with much. The farm is a labor of love and replaces things like travel and vacations. I got a cow for my birthday last year and a pig for Chirstmas. It is what makes us happy. We are the parents of five great grown boys: Ken, Jesse, Joe, Justin and Robert and grandparents to Quentin, Raina, Cameron and Cole. Having a large family is a blessing to us.

    We strongly believe in the preservation of rare and endangered livestock animals. We breed, raise and milk Irish Dexter cattle and Milk Old WorldJersey, Dutch Belted and Milking Shorthorn cows. I also have a small herd of Kinder goats for milk and cheese making. I milk two cows presently and am awaiting my newest calf.
    We raise Red Wattle pigs and have farrowed a litter this year. RWs provide meat and income for the farm. They are a heritage breed that nearly faced extinction in the recent past and we are privleged to be able to help them recover.
    We are blessed to own, breed and ride Paso Fino horses and have had some beautiful foals over the years. We have a large ornamental Koi pond and awesome fish. Seven terrific dogs make their home with us: Three mini Dachaunds-Izzy, Bubbles and Joi, a Newfoundland named Zoe, a Great Pyr X Anatolian Shep. named Jury, Zeb the Anatollian Shepard, and a purebred Great Pyr pup named Judge, who work as livestock guardian dogs.
    We garden orgainically and grow a substantial part of our own food as well as veggies and fruit to share with friends and family. We also have honeybee hives and harvest honey each year in the summer and fall.
    We are members of the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy, The American Dexter Cattle Association, The Paso Fino Horse Association, The Marans Club of America, The Marans Chicken Club, The American Dairy Goat Association, and varrious other breed associations and clubs. We try to support our breeds in every way and to be good stewards of all that God has placed in our care.

    If you live somewhere close we would love to have you stop by the farm. There is always something exciting going on here with new chicks, calves, kids, foals or piglets. Or if you can't get by in person visit our webpage for a cyber walk around the farm with us.
    Peace and Blessings,
    Melissa & Don

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