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    Welcome to my BYC page!

    I have 2 white giant hens, 2 silver laced wyandotte hens, 3 light brown single comb leghorn hens, 1 buff rock hen, 2 speckled sussex hens, 1 mille fleur d'uccle hen, 3 cuckoo marans hens, 1 light brown single comb leghorn rooster leghorn rooster, 1 buttercup rooster, 1 mille fleur booted bantam rooster, 1 black langshan rooster, and 3 mixed breed hens :)
    Let's see...their names are: Rosy, Ruby, Gloria, Misty, Debby, Darcy, Penny, Skinny, Lacey, Heather, Cream, Sugar, Patches, Kevin(kevin's a girl), Sandy, Peaches, Amber, Duke, Curly, and finally, Brunt.
    I love them all very much!
    My new chickens are 7 months old today!!!!!!!! 11-23-11

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