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By PatNY · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. PatNY

    I would like to Thank Everyone in BYC

    I have read and learned many things from
    BYC Members

    I've found a new hobby
    Thank you!


    My Pets:
    Born on 08/28/07
    2 Buff Orpingtons (Pair)
    2 Delawares (Pair)
    2 Ameraucanas (Pair)
    3 Plymouth Barred Rocks (2 Hens & 1 Roo)

    My Babies:
    Born on 10/09/07
    2 Golden Campines (Chicks)
    3 Golden Phoenix (Chicks)
    2 White Leghorns (Chicks)
    1 Black Jersey Giant (Chick)
    1 Golden Laced Wyandotte (Chick)

    My Incubator Set Up:

    GQF Hova-Bator Genesis Model# 1588
    * Circulateed Air
    * Pre-Set Electronic Temperature

    2. GQF Hova-Bator Automatic Egg Turner Model# 1610
    * This model comes with Quail Racks also

    3. GQF Digital Incubator Thermometer (Egg-Temp) Model# 3510
    * 18" lead with Probe

    4. Water Weasel for Model# 3510

    5. Flukers
    Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer
    *Measuring Ambient Temperature & Humidity

    6. GQF 2" Dial Incubator Thermometer / Hygrometer Model# 3018
    * This is my Back-Up if the Fluker Batteries fail
    * Wet Bulb reading with wick in the water pan

    7. Cup & Baster
    * Fill the cup with warm water and use the Baster to add the
    water to the water pan without removing anything from the

    8. Egg-Lume-High Intensity Candler
    * Candling on Day 7 & 14
    * Great for Darker Eggs

    9. Incubating Egg Chart
    *Keeping track of Temperatures & Progress

    10. Finally Some Fertilized Eggs

    In the Incubator now:

    As of: 11/16/07 0930am

    4 White Crested Black Polish
    4 White Faced Black Spanish

    My CooP:

    My Other Pets:
    1. Quarter Horse (Amber)

    2. Pony (Beans)

    3. Yellow Lab (Max)

    4. Mix Breed Collie (Sienna)

    5. Cat (Winslow)

    6. Hamster (Nibbles)

    I will be updating this page periodically and adding Pics

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