Hi everyone. My name is Pam. I'm from South Mississippi. I've just become interested in chickens. They were always around when I was a kid ... but that was 49 years ago. I'm an 8th grade pre-algebra teacher. Our family lives in the country. That includes me, my sweet husband, and our 23 year old son. Our oldest is married and lives near Memphis. We've got horses, dogs, donkeys, an old steer, 1 goldfish who lives outside with a large frog in their little private pond, and now a couple chickens. I have summers off so this summer I (with help from husband and son) put together a chicken coop and run. I finally got a pair of light brown dutch chickens. They are beautiful! I had to order them from a breeder in Colorado (hope they like the warmer climate)! I just want the chicks for cute factor. I plan to get another pair and want them to produce lots of chicks. I like to sit by the pen and watch them (and watch my yorkie try to get them. She just NEVER gives up. They mostly ignore her. Anyhow, life is good. This site has been a lot of fun. I REALLY enjoy the forum. It's much more interesting than facebook!