Im allways looking for plants and seeds to trade.
seeds I want:
  • Tomatos
  • tiger melon - now have
  • melons
  • gourds
  • herbs
  • carnations any
  • Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila menziesii
  • Toothache Plant (Spilanthes Oleracea)
  • Sweetpeas
  • Golden Queen tomato USDA ones
  • Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Butch T
  • Dinosaur Gourd (Lagenaria siceraria)
  • Papaver Somniferum Poppy Flower ** Drama Queen **
  • Pimpernel
  • Sage
  • Clerodendrum ugandense (Blue Butterflies)
  • ANY candy striped flowers
  • I like peach, coral, salmon colored flowers...
  • Also looking for any edibal berry type.....
  • **I also need more blue and red flowers**
  • Scarlet runner beans
  • Ask You might have something I havent thought of....

  • Ask You might have something I havent thought of...
Plants I want:
  • Bamboo hardy clumping
  • carnations
  • edible and/or butterfly/bee attracting
  • anything I dont have

Im allways looking for usefull stuff as well.
lets see what else...
Time travel romance books as well as teen books or movies for my daughter.She also likes cloths shoes ect ect typical teen girly stuff.
My son likes games we have a wii,play station 2 the xbox broke so thats out and computer games as well.Oh yeah he loves to draw and likes medieval type stuff.Oh he is a hot sauce/hot spice junkie.
Just throwing ideas out there
Im looking for mixed/pure sussex eggs,has to be either mixed with other sussexs or orpingtons.

I will add more as I think of it.
Stuff I have
2 + peonies I have pink and white thats all I know about them.
(They have all ready bloomed and I not sure which ones are white or pink since I have them all mixed in.)
2 + purple lilacs.

I can send the plants now or in the fall.
Yellow daffodils few white ones as well.