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  1. Peaches de Rock
    Our story begins with an empty nest. Seriously, my children are all grown up with their own lives. I needed something to do. My husband and I are shopping at Sam's and they have these really cute chicken coops....$300+....ouch, needless to say I didn't leave Sam's that night with a coop. But the seed had been planted.
    a short while later we found ourselves looking at Tractor supply, and guess what?, It was chick days!, I thought "ok", for sure I can talk my hubby into one of their coops, they are alot more reasonably priced and again, cute as a button.
    dissapointed again, that night I left with only a magazine about backyard chickens.
    We have recently built a home in the country on 2 1/2 acres. This will be just perfect!, or so I thought.
    I still had alot of trouble talking the hubby into chicks. Later in the same month I took a day off from work (because - no-reason, I have alot of PTO going unused). i found myself all alone at the Tractor Supply, staring at the baby chicks.
    Before i knew it I was inloading the coop at my house! I had it put together before my husband ever got home from work that day.
    Oh Boy, was I ever in trouble....Not really, his Bark is much worse than his bite.
    It is still chilly outside and when I went to pick up the babies, Tractor Supply has a minimum purchase of 6, well they only had 7 to start with, (all '"specialty chicks"),they are dark rather than light, Of course I got all seven, you cant just leave one lonely chick there by herself. Special note: my coop is only made to house 4 at the most. Hmmm....whats a girl to do? The chicks are living in the spare bedroom, and are a little scaredy cats. I'm wondering if they will be a happy flock and give eggs someday.
    The hubby usually beats me home from work each day and about everyday since the little darlings arrived I cone home to find him checking in on the chicks.
    A couple of days later while in Lowes, my husband says, " we could turn the old dog pen into a coop", OK, he is now onboard!...well, that day our $1.99 chicks costs us $500 in roofing materials, chicken wire and u bolts and screws. He really is onboard! I have such a great husband!
    We spent the next few weekends getting the coop ready. and when they were old enough, we had moving day. The flock is happy in their new dugout. I have named them Dotti, Kit, Mae, Doris, Betty, Evelyn, and hopefully Stillwell (if I end up with a rooster).
    We are bonding. I spend about 2-3 hours per day just sitting with them and they are really getting to like me. Their favorite snack is mealworms. We also have BlueBirds and BlueBird boxes.
    I Love my chickens and they grow everyday. We have gotten alot of thunderstorms lately and I worry that they are scared outside. I leave the heat lamp on all the time, and they seem to enjoy snuggling together under the lamp. I still have much to learn, and I am excited about this journey we are all on together!

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  1. crazyfeathers
    Where are the puctures? Lol. My husband says the chickens are mine, he builds coops, runs, buys feed, bought me an incubator but still said the chickens are mine not his. One day our friend's sold us two naked necks and now 2 years later, my husband has a whole flock of naked necks. I think there so ugly you have to love them but if they make him happy and allow me to continue to hoard chickens (lol) he can have all the naked necks he wants. Congratulations on becoming a chicken mama, you will have endless hours of chicken TV, you will eat your supper by their run, you will go out at night and check them, worry about them, and start decorating the coop O O no more empty nest syndrome lol you wont have time to be lonley. Best of luck with your ladies and hopefully one gentleman.. God bless

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