Pearl White Leghorns Mcmurray Hatchery Stock

By CluckyJay · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. CluckyJay
    'Pearl-white Leghorns McMurray Hatchery Stock: Review'


    Young Pearl-white Leghorn Rooster from McMurray Hatchery.

    The pearl-white chicks arrived healthy and very active. They had excellent appetites and thrived under our care. They were fed a mix of commercial chick starter and organic extras such as chickweed and clean, clay earth from my organic garden.

    We experienced no losses out of about ten pearl-whites (well, eventually a few predators wiped the flock down to three members).

    They are typical of hatchery stock, light bodied and pretty scrawny. They have good temperaments and are excellent on feed to egg ratio.


    Pearl-white Leghorn Chick


    Pearl-white Leghorn Egg


    Pearl-white Leghorns Free Ranging

    The pearl-whites from McMurray Hatchery turned out to be a bit scrawny and flighty and do not seem to enjoy being held and petted. We love them for their health, ease of care and large, white eggs, though!

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