My name is Elizabeth aka: Pecker mom. I live in Oregon. I am new to BYC, but am anxious to become familiar around the site. I just became obsessed with chickens this spring when I was able to get three Banty chicks that were ALL suposed to be hens. Low and behold a few weeks later my little black hen started crowing. Ironicly, I had named her Pecker and it fit even better now.
Pecker is my Black Rosecomb rooster and has grown into such a beautiful boy with amazing irredescent green throughout his feathers. He has a very loud, but comical crow and sure knows his job as "The Man!"
Daisy is my ever precious Silver Sebright hen, who rules the roost and is my most effective bug gitter. She is a very curious and attentive bird and loves runnin after me around the yard.
Flower is my super sweet White Cochin hen and she is my lazy girl. She is a food friendly chubster and runs quickly when I ring the dinner bell on the front porch.
My husband and I have absolutely fallen for our flock and had no idea how fun they could be. They all have such unique personalities and are a true delight to have around.