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By BlueCamas · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. BlueCamas
    I have only had chickens since October 2011 and I'm already addicted!
    I got my first chickens at the NW Poultry Show, a trio of bantam Rocks. Then next month, I got four chicks at the Oregon Swap, two Orpington and two d'Uccles. I fell in love! Of course I found BYC and learned all I could about all the diferent breeds there are.

    My parents think I have way too many chickens (psh, only 8!), but I want more! I have yet to actually incubate any eggs, but I have 4 under a broody that I'm hoping I will get some good quality chicks out of.
    My plan is to show a few of my more show quality chickens at nearby fairs and hopfully a real show when one comes around to the west coast.

    I have fallen in love with Jersey Giants and Barnevelders and I hope to get some in the near future (preferably very near!)
    If you have any Jersey Giant or Barnevelder eggs, chicks, or breeding pairs/trios, email/PM me!

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