"Peep Show" Brooder
03/10 - This is the brooder link to where I found this simple design using a Rubbermaid plastic tub. I'm going to brood 15 chicks in here this spring, and this should last them for at least 2 weeks. I will take pics of mine when my little chickchicks come home!
11/10 - Peep Show worked well! I ended up with 17 chicks, that lived on towels that I changed 2x daily for 2 days, and then pine shavings after that. After 14 days, they were ready for the bigger house, The Birdello, a dog house sized mini coop. I attached the brooder lamp to a cord with a cord stop to the curtain rod on our patio door, and adjusted the heat. I added a little suction cup thermostat under the heat lamp to make sure my chicks were getting the right heat. The pine shavings were a pain though, as the chicks kept scratching it into the jar waterer. After 2 days of scraping out the shavings, I tried a nipple water set up that I made out of a little clear mustard bottle. The poultry nipples worked extremely well, I highly recommend them for this age and until they get into their big house. The chicks learned about the water quickly and preferred it to the jar waterer, and so I just removed the jar waterer.

I also put up sheets of paper around the bottom of the brooder, so my cats wouldn't be so tempted. The chicks could pop their heads up to see around, and then snuggle back down out of sight.



Chicks like to play Queen of the Mountain, and taking turns slurping from the chick nipple waterer. It made for entertainment for me, and fun for them.

Feel free to Email me if you have any questions!
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