Welcome to PengiMama's Page!
My name is Katrina. I am 33 years old and relatively new to the world of chickens. In March of 2011, I bought 6 chicks. 3 Black Australorps/Jersey Giants, 1 Golden Comet, and 2 Leghorns. Two of the BA's were roosters, one being my wonderful Pengi. The other went to a nice farmer who had black hens and wanted a black rooster to be with them.
This is me and Pengi.
Later, in August of 2011, I found a new friend. She is an Ex Battery Hen who I named Cinder. She chose me and my home and my flock welcomed her easily. This is Cinder the first night I brought her home.
I am happy for all the friends I will meet here and while sometimes I may ask silly questions, I love my chickens and they are part of my family :)