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  1. Pennymac02

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  1. peastix
    Hi My best friend is a "Penny'' known each other since we were 18! I'm with you on the parrot cockatiel thing too flappy.I had a pet black orpington as a child so knew I wanted the breed.Funny buff orpingtons are less common here go figure.The other colours are more common.My splash started laying around 5 and 1/2 months and hardly missed a day since [about 3 weeks] The others are a little younger.They mostly sit around like old ladies at a church picnic.Don't fly too fat!
  2. Pennymac02
    Yay! Another Penny! (It's funny how we reach out to each other because of the name. I do it too)
    They are buff orpingtons. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I've always been a little spooked by birds--parrots, cockatiels, etc. So I googled "Friendliest chickens with mild manners that lay eggs", LOL, and that's how I made up my mind. My backyard supervisor is learning to guard and not taste the feather thingies that run around the yard. Hahaha
  3. peastix
    Hi from another Penny in New Zealand.I'm new her too .Joined last month.See you have a ''supervisor'' Love neck scarf.What breed are your chickens?

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