People Of Oklahoma Poultry Swap

I am proud to announce to all Okies in the BYC members That the Spring 2011 Event=
People Of Oklahoma Poultry Swap Has been Officially set.

WHEN= Saturday, May 14th 2011, start time 8:00am

WHERE= Fletcher Fairgrounds and FFA/AG barn, also home to the Fletcher Poultry Auction. Located in Fletcher Ok, off Hyw 277, we will try and post some road signs to direct you.

WHO= All Oklahoma members of the Okies in the BYC their families and invited friends.

After the very fun and successful 2009, 2010 we just have to do a 2011 event, we felt that we surely must let this fine tradition continue in all it's fanfare. with continued support We will strive to make this event even bigger and better than ever as our fine members deserve only the best. For those of our new members and members who were unable to attend the Okies in the BYC, it is a family oriented affair , where members come to meet the folks we talk to everyday on this forum, and enjoy the one thing we all have in common our fondness of poultry . This year promises to be one you do not want to miss, and as I stated it will be bigger and better than ever, this year we are planning the following.

1. Food : This year we will be featuring a full pot luck dinner.
2. Poultry : The usual fanatical buying/selling/swapping of poultry.
3. A Fun and educational chicken Processing demonstration, with the opportunity to buy the finished freshly processed & packaged Poultry.
4. Several static displays for your learning and viewing pleasure.
5. small lectures and demonstrations by professional and respected members of the poultry and agriculture fields.
6. A Raffle that would be sure to entice all members of the family.
7. and for the 3rd time our very own Live Poultry Auction.
8. Printed programs of the days events.
9. T-shirts are available to order.
10. Lot's of fun and great stuff sure to entertain the young children, and much more.
11. The Big green Army truck courtesy of the egg man Gerald, and the Steel Soldiers.
A special operations commitee has been formed and several of our fine upstanding members have offered to give freely and happily of their time and expertise. they will head up the following appointed ares of intrest. We also need additional volenteers to help with some of the area's that require more support, Please contact Al or Monty if you would like to offer your services.
12. A set-up and decorating

AL (al6517) & Monty (Buckguy20): Commitee chairmen.

Carah (Sooner) : Food and Beverages. contact Sooner with your ideas, dishes, and help. A online list will be started and circulated around our thread. It is very important to the success of the event that everybody participates and brings food.

Monty : Raffle. Monty will post a seperate thread for raffle donations going and we have recieved some very nice items and need more.

Al, Buster, Pepper : Live poultry Processing demonstration.

Muesky/Rebecca : Childrens events and activities.

Volenteer Needed : Static display's and lectures/demonstrations. Those wanting to seek info on setting up displays or needing guidance contact the soon to be announced person.

Beth (cityclucks) : Name Tags, online attendance roster and clerical support, and welcoming table.

Al (al6517) Carla & Gerald (OKCarla), Monty, Roy, Michael: Live poultry Auction. Contact AL for your list of what you want to consign to the Donation auction.

Carah (Sooner) : Tee Shirts- 3 color Designs are now in the works. Carah will start a size and Quantity order thread soon. get your order in early, NO $$$$ will be needed in advance to order.

Volenteers needed : Set-up & Clean-up commitee.

Monty and Myself will be posting more specifics and details on these areas in a later post. We tried so very hard to choose a date for this event that would fit 99.9% of are available members, the weather, planning and reservation schedule, and local and regional events. The good folks at Fletcher Poultry auction ( Peaches, aka Renia and Doc Holloway ) have been so gracious to have invited us and we recieved some very good positive feedback from are members, that this was a good fit for our needs, and is a much larger more supportive Venue. As a group we are known for are steadfastness once we set our minds to a task, it is now up to each and every one of us to come together and contact the appropriate principle to offer any help and suggestions, ya'll know the drill. The principle heads will start to post a list of names and services volunteered as it begins to come together in their areas.

So Okies let the festivities begin in the tradition of the most poplular group thread on this BYC forum. I will be posting this announcement constantly on our thread so please read it or look it over often as we do go through some changes and I update this weekly.



We Okies in the BYC are proud to announce the 3rd annual live auction, to be held on the Saturday the day of 2011 Spring POOPS event.

The auction is open to all attending proceeds will go toward the event fund to help pay for the many expenditures we have incurred. We want to try and make this auction a success for all future events and our members to enjoy and benifit from. This event is one of our only way's to raise $$ funds $$ for our POOPS so please if you can dig deep, and help us continue to have this great event.

Auction rules as follows ;

1. Check in time for auction item's is as soon as you can, to enable folks to view the items up for auction.

2. Non-live poultry items should maintain a poultry theme, I.E.= art's & crafts etc and will be auctioned off first.

3. All poultry must be caged or in a suitable enclosure, cages will not be sold with the poultry unless specified by seller & auctioneer, chicks can of course be housed in boxes.

4. PO's will not be offered in this auction.

5. Bid numbers will be issued to all who want them anytime prior to the auction start time at the auction area.

6. There will not be a sellers for profit auction segment this year as we just always seems to run far behind schedule when we have these.

7. All cages and items will be labeled it is encouraged that you lable your own breeds for better identification to avoid any confusion and benifit the buyer.

8. It is asked that all buyers wait till the end of the auction before gathering up their purchases assited by the auction staff. there may be the opportunity to also buy choice of a particular Lot, if this happens the bidder should have an empty cage available and close by.

9. The auction staff will not be running an active post on what is being donated for sale.

10. There will NO commissions or Taxes of any kind.

Items needed for auction :
Chickens of all breeds & ages, Chicks, hatching eggs of all kinds, ducks, peafowl, rabbits, turkeys, quail, cages, waterers,feeders,incubators,wire,netting.
Arts & crafts, vegtables,and any other poultry related items.

Contact AL ; in a PM for those who want to consign donated items to the auctions so we can have a good idea of the amount of items we can expect to have.

This post can & will be edited as needed as futher information comes to bear.

Auction Staff ;
Caller- AL
Sign in/Secratary/pay out- Carla & Renia
Ring personel- Gerald Kaiser, Michael, Monty, Roy

Ok folks so it's time to bring it and sell it, this is a good opportunity to replace some of your losses from this spring/summer and get some breeds you have allways wanted. and don't forget to try and donate some items to benifit the event fund.

**********************....... NEEDED ITEM'S & SUPPORT VOLENTEERS......*****************

These are a few things that we always seem to be in need of at all of our events, if you can or have something you would like to let us use/borrow we sure could use them.
We will continue to also update this list as we get items and find thing's we are in need of, so check back often.

1. Tables of all sizes, chairs.
2. Decorations: Banners, Flags, Streamers, Balloons, stuff like that.
3. Volenteers for help in setting up and cleaning up the area.
4. Raffle items.
5. Donation auction items.
6. Stereo W/ speakers.
8. Coolers, Large beverage Jug's.
9. Table cloth's, center pieces.
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Okies POOPS event sheduled for Saturday May 14th 2011, @ Fletcher Ok fairgrounds/FFA Barns. Details on the way !!!!!!!!!!!!