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By pepperlady · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. pepperlady
    Hello from Alabama! I am a very busy homeshooling mom to 3 wonderful children and have now decided to take on trying to raise chickens. I went and bought what was supposed to be 5 Rhode Island Red hens and later added another RIR hen & rooster. A few weeks later and I have learned that I actually have 3 RIR hens, 1 RIR rooster and 3 Speckled Sussex hens. I let mine free range during daylight hours and love my chicks that are already 10 weeks old and looking more like hens/roos every day. I'm learning alot from all of you that have been raising for a while & am so glad that I have BYC to help me along in this fun journey!!

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