Perfection Farm Cochins

By joanie_maine · Jun 4, 2012 · Updated Jun 4, 2012 ·
  1. joanie_maine
    Perfection Farm is located in Temple, Maine

    We raise Bantam Cochins, LF Cochins and Belgian Booted d'Uccles.

    My son and I enjoy caring for the birds, incubating eggs and showing.

    We also like the the local swap
    meets and agricultural fairs which give us a chance to talk with other poultry

    Our birds are our pleasure and valued members of our family.

    I am a member of The Central Maine Bird Fanciers, Cochins
    International, The ABA and The APA.

    I occasionally have eggs, chicks and started birds
    available for sale.

    Joanie Fullerton
    3 Edes Brook Rd
    Temple, Maine 04984

    [email protected]
    (207) 779-0971

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