We have 6 golden sexlinks, 1 is a rooster, Klondike, the top hen is currently Sienna, she's just about the sweetest thing alive, then it's Apples, Jacky, Flo, and at the very bottom our sweety Daphne.

We recently got 3 new pullets, two Austrolorpe Rhode Island Red mixes (Lilly and Nora) and a Barred rock RIR mix (Daisy). Klondike protects them, and Daphne chases them.

Our golden sexlinks are all 5 months old and have been laying for 3 weeks, one egg a day. The mixes are much too young, and won't start for a while.

All of our birds (Cayuga Ducks and chickens) are very tame, and very sweet, and for some reason Daphne keeps trying to make friends with our black Tiffaney cat mix Sirus, as do the ducks. Sirus affectianatly calls them "Lunch, Breakfast, Dinner, Midday Snack, Snack, roasty, Yummy, and Tasty". Klondike calls Sirus "Touch my flock and your dead". We're all a loving family