Perry Schofield, P&L Game birds, Canada

By paschofield · Feb 10, 2015 ·
  1. paschofield
    I am a retired teacher living in DeBolt, Alberta which is a small rural community about 44 miles (70 kilometres) east of Grande Prairie., Alberta. I grew up on a small dairy farm in Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. My wife and I moved to Alberta 29 years ago to teach and have been here ever since.

    I have always raise chickens or other birds. Currently I am into Heritage chickens, mostly Standard Wyandottes in eight colours, and Coturnix quail. I raise regular size Coturnix quail in ten colours: Pharoah, Tibetan/rosette, Golden, Tibetan Tuxedo, English White, and my Silver Variations - Silver Pharoah, True Silver, Silver Tuxedo, Charcoal, and Charcoal Tuxedo. My floch also contain the recessive blue egg gene, which may show up in several of my colours. I recently imported Jumbo Pharoah and Texas A&M eggs from James Marie Farms, which are to my knowledge the first legally imported Jumbos into Canada in many years.

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