Pet Gazebo For Ducks

  1. Ducksandchickens
    Almost a year ago me and my family purchased 4 ducks 11FC6904-A506-4F49-A2BC-DCE68899614C.jpeg 6764F907-34F3-4274-84AB-39E88CB3557E.jpeg
    After they got out of the brooder we really had no plans for them. We were kinda freaking out because they were getting to big. They would fly out and poop all over the garage. We had plans on keeping them with the chickens but unfortunately the chickens had different ideas. The chickens would attack the ducks and we knew the weren’t ever going to become friends. We were frantically searching out local TSC when we saw this beauty: 239A3C09-7E3D-44D6-822D-10FAF6C047A3.jpeg
    We knew it was perfect. We also got a doghouse for the ducks. We were set. The pet gazebo was easy to put up, and the ducks loved it.
    It’s big enough for four-six ducks, easy to move so you can give them fresh grass, and stylish!! It was a dream come true for us!

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  1. HenniesInMyHeart
    WOW WOW WOW I want for my chooks!
  2. Fiasco
    Wow, that looks like a really cool idea! May I ask where you found it? I've never seen anything like it before. That sort of thing looks super helpful for all sorts of animals!
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    1. Ducksandchickens
      I found it at TSC
    2. Ducksandchickens
      Also you can get it online

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