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By Petej · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. Petej
    Well first off, welocme to my page. I was recently given the family farm and have really started getting into the swing of things!

    We have 30 chickens on our farm in Ocean Park, WA For those of you who have never heard of the O.P, it is 30 miles north of Astoria, OR on the Long Beach Washington Peninsula.

    We have Rode Island Reds, Easter Eggers, Barred Rocks, White leghorns, White Easter Eggers, and two unidentified little black chickens that I have affectinately named "The Twins". As time goes on and I get more/better pictures this page will evolve into something better!

    We also have a Melanistic Mutant Ringneck Pheasant and several Coturnix Quail.

    Just for kicks, we have Rabbits, dogs and cats here as well!

    For those wondering about constructing Chicken Coops and Quail pens, I have some basic measurements of the ones here at the farm.

    Our Chicken Coop measures Approximately 5'x5' and is 7 foot in height. It's built like a house, 2x4 walls with top and bottom plates, the studs are on 16" centers. The floor is open to the ground below. It's simple but it works. It contains 12 Nest boxes.
    I am in the process of building a newer, fancier coop that measures 12' by 5' and is also 7' tall at the peek. It utilizes a Build-it-youself- shed kit as the carcass.
    The Quail Pen is approx. 8'x2' and is divided into two sections. The Quail occupy one half, the Pheasant is in the other half. It stands at Eye level for ease of access and bird viewing. Each side has it's own door. The floor is 1/4" wire mesh and the sides are standard Chicken wire. The carcass of the pen is constructed of 2x4 stud grade Pine. No pressure treated wood here... The doors are simple wood slab doors with a "T" bar to lock them. The roof is constructed of a sheet of plywood covered with a tarp until I can get shingles in this spring.

    Thank you for taking the time too look at my BYC Page! Come back often as there will be many, many changes!

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