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Peters Flock

By kikithebird · Aug 8, 2014 · Updated Aug 8, 2014 · ·
  1. kikithebird
    hi im peter and this is my page i dont have any hens currently as i am waiting for pekin bantams to be avalible my current pets are kiki mel and kim and rhonda [​IMG] kiki [​IMG] mel and kim [​IMG] rhonda well i am currently caring for my yia yias (grandmothers) chickens [​IMG] goldie and fastie
    i will update as soon as i get the pekin bantams

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  1. crazyfeathers
    I love your birds they are beautiful. I have a quaker parrot "Jasper" had her about 3 weeks, she is 2 yrs old. I love her, she is quite talkative.

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