This is Phoebe. I got her for Torie for Christmas. She is a sweet little one. She is easy to catch and fun to hold.
A little update on Phoebe: On Saturday, January 2, while I was working on the garden spot that has Phoebe's hutch, Phoebe was out in the yard and so was our dog Allie. Allie I noticed at one point was peacefully sitting on the grass and Phoebe was not too far away. I was busy with the project and did not realize that Allie was not in sight. I went to look for her and saw her tail wagging from behind a piece of plywood that I had leaning against the chicken compound. Well, i knew what was happening and immediately went and discovered poor innocent Phoebe being defeathered by the big bad wolf Allie. There were all kinds of feathers off her. She also had skin broken where her neck and body meet and skin broken on one of her legs. She is so lucky to be alive. I was really disturbed by this to think that I had not watched Allie better or had not tied her up. I went to the feed store and got some Blue Kote medicine to spray on her and some antibiotic stuff for her water. I have sprayed her with the blue kote, which turns her feathers a nice purplish color. Needless to say Phoebe now has some work to do to get back her healthy body of feathers. I am committed to help her and nurse her back to health the best I can. I hope to see her neck wound heal as that is the one I am most concerned about. She is moving well and eating and drinking pretty good, so I think she will be able to come back to full strength again. Wish her the best!