PhotoChicken... Sept 2, 2011...

Buffy's Rubber Chicken Pose.

Six Months ago I didn’t want chickens. Melissa did. She fell to her knees and begged me for chickens. . .

Chicken Butts!

At the time I was browsing my facebook page . . .

A Very Shapely Young Chicken.

As a FB status update (what’s on your mind?) I typed: "Oh crap, Melissa really, really, really wants Chickens. Vote Here" . . .

Samantha Landing.

Within a day I had 29 responses, many humorous, most saying: GET THE GIRL SOME CHICKENS!!! . . .

Guy-Guy's Sacred Ritual.

From the moment we got the chicks I’ve enjoyed them immensely.
I’ve taken hundreds of photos of ‘the kids’ and posted them on my Facebook page,
-which has resulted in a very lively virtual discussions. . .

A Very Solemn Memorial Day's Visit.

I figured they should be shared here on BYC as well, so . . . here are a number of those pictures. . .

Uncle Sam and the Great American Bald Rooster.

Chickens from the Sistine Chapel.

Peeps and Clover.

Buffy The Worm Headed Chicken.

Baby Guy-Guy.


Samantha's Nightmare.

Chicken Chat.

War Chicken.

The Chicken Herder.

Chicken to Tower: Permission to Land.

Marching Orders.

Dinosaur Foot.

A Tad Surprised!