Well, I'm new to the whole "bird" thing, and blogging but i'll give it a try. i got 10 bitties and 2 keets about 7 weeks ago.
We finially got a house (at least almost done) and a run made that can be moved around. hum.... at least that was the idea.
today I tried moving it with the 4 wheeler and didn't go too well. I did get it moved about 3 feet or more so at least that was some new grass and bugs for them to eat on. After joining this board i've learned that my chickens are possibly 3 white rocks, 2 bramas, and 5 production reds. The keets have turned into peal Guineas. So far they've been a lot of fun. we'll see how the next few months go :)
June 3, 2011 - well, it's been over two months now since I got the first "flock" of birds. The Guineas I think just are not the smartest crayons in the box. the red chickens are fun, they follow me looking for treets and the solid white ones are warming up to me but a little skidish still. the black and white hens...well....they are probably the smartest. They hang back, watch everything, aren't really scared, but hold their distance.
And yesterday I added 5 blue swedish ducklings, and 6 lavender guineas to the family. My first internet order of birds. it was interesting, and after a 2 hour drive to pick them up, and two hours back home they are settled into their new, temperary, home.