Picking The Best Breed For Your Needs

Wondering how to pick the best chicken breed?
  1. Allie Grace Sanders
    So you want to start your first backyard flock? Well, there are a lot of things to take into consideration, but one of the most important questions is what type of chicken you want. Do you want a breed that will lay a lot of yummy eggs? Or a breed that will lay fewer eggs but is absolutely gorgeous? Do you want bantam, or standard? Bantam breeds usually require less space and are quieter. On the other hand standard breeds usually lay a lot more eggs. Now I will name some of the most popular breeds. Super layers include ISA Brown, Rhode Island Red, Leghorn, Australorp, and Sex-links. A few bantam breeds include the Sebright, Hamburg, Belgian Bearded d'Uccle Bantam, Campine, and Silkie. There are also dual purpose breeds like Barred Rock, Jersey Giant, and Buff Orpingtons. If you want a colorful egg basket I would suggest the Ameraucana, Araucana, Easter Egger, Maran, and Cream Legbar. Now that you know the most popular breeds, I'll give some brief descriptions...


    ISA Brown:
    Purpose: Egg Laying
    Egg Color: Light-Medium Brown
    Productivity: 300-350 Eggs Per Year
    Temperament: Docile, Calm
    Hardiness: Cold-hardy
    Varieties: Light Brown\Red
    Comb: Single
    Description: The ISA Brown is a very sweet hybrid. They lay a lot of eggs and make great pets! With minimal attention they still like to be held! Great breed for first time chicken owners
    Note: Temperaments may vary from chicken to chicken. That is because they are hybrids, and they can have any of their ancestors attitudes.



    Purpose: Ornamental
    Productivity: 100-180 Eggs Per Year
    Egg Color: Cream
    Temperament: Sweet, Easily Handled, Quiet
    Hardiness: Cold-Hardy, Does Poorly In Heat
    Varieties: Bearded, Non-Bearded, White, Black, Blue, Painted, Splash, Grey, Partridge, Buff
    Comb: Walnut
    Description: This is a sweet purebred. Although, they lay few eggs they are so cute! They have five toes, blue ears, feathered feet, and unique feathers. They are usually at the bottom of the pecking order. They are a broody breed. Because of this they make great mothers, and they will set on almost any type of eggs.

    -Courtesy of @FishMtFarm
    Painted Silkie Hen
    [​IMG] -Courtesy of @FishMtFarm
    Silkie Rooster


    Plymouth Rock:
    Purpose: Eggs and Meat
    Productivity: 250-275 Eggs Per Year
    Egg Color: Light-Medium Brown Sometimes Pinkish
    Temperament: Calm, Docile
    Hardiness: Cold-hardy
    Varieties: White, Buff, Barred
    Comb: Single
    Description: This is a beautiful breed with unique barring. They are calm and are easily handled.

    -Courtesy of @RiverviewHen
    Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster
    -Courtesy of @Cats Critters
    Barred Plymouth Rock Rooster


    Easter Egger:
    Purpose: Eggs
    Productivity: 230-250
    Egg Color: Green, Blue, Pink
    Temperament: Easily Handled
    Hardiness: Cold-hardy
    Varieties: Any
    Comb: Pea
    Description: This type of chicken is not technically a breed. It is a chicken that carries a blue laying gene. They are bearded and have fluffy cheeks.

    Note: This breed of chicken won't lay a different colored egg every day. The color of the first egg it lays will stay the same. Although the color may fade as the chicken ages.

    -Courtesy of @ChickenGirl555
    Easter Egger Hen
    -Courtesy of @junebuggena
    Easter Egger Rooster

    Hope this helps you find the right breed! Once you start raising chickens you can't stop!

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