Pics of my flock- PLUS ? about Breed of Grey

Pic of my Flock /?? About Grey one please!
By Sugarhead · Jan 13, 2018 · ·
  1. Sugarhead
    I'm finally getting a chance to upload some pics of my mixed flock, which were supposed to be all girls. Obviously, my SFH are Roos. However, my question is about the Grey one. I was told that one was a Dark Brahma( penciled grey one), but the other I was told is a Chocolate Laced Brahma. I really would like to know exactly what she is bc I can not find any information on such. I could see the Brahma part w the feathered feet, but I would love more info if I can get specifics. Both the Brahmas were unplanned- I got them when I went for the SFH and Polish. They have turned out to be the sweetest girls, but not overly cuddly. Thank you for any help y'all
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg

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  1. ChickNanny13
    My girls sometimes lay in the same spot, other time each in their own corners, I have seen my prior Wyandottes sit & collect someone else one to stick under themselves. My "nest" is a huge plastic dog house, have had two boxes for 4 - 5 but they all want the same "nest" so removed the second for more leg room.
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  2. SA&P
    Great pictures!
    My trio aren’t overly tame because after raising them in our kitchen they went out into the garden and work kinda exploded and we were so busy. They do come running when I go out twice a day to feed/close/open doors though....they just wouldn’t sit in my lap
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    1. Sugarhead
      Oh I know that feeling all too well- I went 3 hrs to a breeder to get mine and she let all of hers free range. So when I brought mine home, which I wasn't even expecting to get any until this upcoming spring(but I couldn't pass up a SFH laying hen), I had nothing ready. Plus I came home with a lot more than just one or 2 (try 8/ all different ages). I raised them in rooms all throughout the house until the coop was ready right before Christmas. But since I'm home during the day, they could spend time outside free ranging and then they would line up at the back door at dusk to come in. The Polish were already almost a year old, so they were spastic, the grey ones were easily handled and still are, but they'd rather run and explore. Out of The SFH chicks that became Roos- 1 is a mamas boy, and the other 2 are obnoxious teenagers. Sadly, the SFHen that I went for mysteriously became ill very suddenly and died. I'm hoping for better luck next time around...
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  3. ChickNanny13
    The EEs I've had laid greenish eggs but depending on what yours is crossed with egg color is ?
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    1. Sugarhead
      I'll keep looking, I haven't seen her lay w my own eyes yet. Luna Petunia has been my mystery girl and I like to have lots of info, especially since I'm new. I would love greenish eggs if that were to be the case.

      By chance do you know or would mind if I ask you another question?
      She acts or is maybe just copying the Brahma, by hoping over to the eggs when I'm in there to gather. They aren't aggressive at all, they just want to roll their eggs over to them w their beaks. They're not broody/ sitting on them; with Luna ( the one in?) I'm wondering if she is just copying the other's behavior. Especially since she rolls both colors to her. (I know that Meadow, the Brahma, just likes to keep hers and if she's out of the run she loves to find her a spot and she'll use it until I find it.)
  4. ChickNanny13
    Picture of pullet before the Polish & after your Roos is an EE mix (grey) with some feather footed chicken. Going by the comb (looks pea), the muff/beard, leg coloring looks black but EEs usually are greenish tint. Will be interesting to see what color eggs she'll be laying.
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    1. Sugarhead
      Thank you! I have been trying to figure her out since I brought her home. I think she's beautiful( just love her face w/ muff esp.), & yes to black legging. She should start laying or should've just started & I'm just as curious!! My Polish lay their white eggs, and my dark brahma lays creamy brown, but I've had a few lighter ones( almost to the pinkish scale) and I don't know if it's her or the just the Brahma having variations....

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