Here are some pics of our chicks. We started with 5 RIR's and 2 Leghorns (I could have sworn they were Orpingtons for the longest time but i guess i was wrong) Unfortunately we lost the littlest RIR when she was about 4 weeks old, but the others have thrived really well.

Are you Lookin' at ME?

I'm pretty sure this one is my Roo, Buddy! He was always so homely looking!

Here are the two Leghorn babies...Roofus and Marge

I think this one is Roofus?!

Here the chicks are getting a bit bigger. It's Buddy and Milly.

Here's buddy...what a goofy looking bird!

Marge and Roofus squaring off to see who's in charge...Marge was deffinately the winner until they started getting a little older.

A bunch of curious chicks searching the yard for bugs and leaves.

Buddy is always so curious of the camera...he likes to circle around and see what's up.

King Roofus keeping an eye on the rest of the flock.

First day in the coop...for more pics see my coop page!