Pictures Of A Baby Chick Hatching Out Of A Chicken Egg

Pictures of a baby chick hatching.
By BYC Support · Jan 10, 2012 · Updated May 1, 2012 · ·
  1. BYC Support
    Gold Wyandotte Hatching

    Remember this guy from day 8 on the candling page?
    Well, here's how it all turned out on day 23.

    Pipped a nice section

    Another angle

    Now it starts to really push

    It gets a wing out

    And finally the head unfolds - whew

    Rock 'n roll around the incubator
    (still attached to the yolk here)

    Dry off a bit, then into the brooder for a nap

    Dry and fluffy now, time to start exploring

    You may want to visit our homemade incubators section or ask questions about incubating your eggs in our Incubating & Hatching Eggs Forum Section.

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  1. FlyWheel
    Ever have one hatch in your hands? Or better yet, in your children's (or G'children's) hands? Now THAT's a "AWWW!" moment.
  2. ninjawesome
    What a cutie!
  3. chick-adee
  4. BuffOrps416
    That little guy is the cutest little thing...EVER!!!
  5. TeaChick
    Thanks for the pics, very informative. :)
  6. Joshua G
    Nice pics.
  7. Kernel Cluck
    Thanks for sharing. The little peeps are always adorable.
  8. youngchooklover
    That is the cuitist thing
  9. SilkiesForEver
    I get to see that in my own Bator' this coming Saturday! :D Thanks for sharing. What a cutie!
  10. Chicks Galore3
    Wow! SO amazing!
  11. SixHix
    Thanks for the photos!
  12. kays chicks
    awwrrr lovely thanks for pics :0)
  13. wayne813
    i currently made a homemade incubator and had one hatch a day early and the other a day after neither live but i notice it was hard to come out the egg shell.i have a water tray in their but i must be doing something else wrong my temp is set right and i been turning 3 times a day but am i supposed to be spraying the eggs to.
  14. sharterr
    my favorite part,THE HATCH !!!!!!!....
  15. PNWGirl
    Thank you for posting!! :)
  16. PekinBantam
    Simply adorable! I've got a 28 min. video of one of mine hatching...
  17. outdoorsii
    cool :) mine should be getting fluffy in the bator any hour now, he's 2 days early! its day 19!
  18. clogan98
    Great pics! Congrats
  19. canadian 17
    How many hacthed
  20. Chick1043
  21. chickegirl
    adorable pics
  22. sunshine ducky
  23. LearningTable
    Thanks for posting these. I learned so much from this site so that we could incubate our eggs successfully. We had a big day today--one chick hatched mid-day, and another tonight about 11:30. You can see our first one hatching here:
  24. JasminesCrown
    what kind of chick is it?
  25. JasminesCrown!
  26. dollychick
    nice pics, I hope to start my project soon. But I am watching a wild hen on a nest.
  27. hollychicken
    I get to see that live on april 1!
  28. bluemarans
  29. Kiki A
    How adorable!
  30. babychickens123
  31. abdeali mh
  32. mychookschick
    Is that a Golden Laced Wyandotte? He is sooo cute!

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