Pictures of me building my first chicken coop

This is the first chicken coop I built.
By BYCforlife · Aug 3, 2017 · ·
  1. BYCforlife
    I took a lot of pictures when I built this coop, but never shared them with anyone. Here they are!


    IMG_20160305_095428.jpg IMG_20160305_101445.jpg IMG_20160305_103042.jpg IMG_20160314_202709.jpg IMG_20160314_203420.jpg IMG_20160312_154623.jpg IMG_20160318_110112.jpg IMG_20160319_150134.jpg IMG_20160325_120828.jpg IMG_20160325_181724.jpg IMG_20160326_093307.jpg IMG_20160326_122439.jpg IMG_20160326_151652.jpg IMG_20160328_141500.jpg IMG_20160328_145026.jpg IMG_20160329_153559.jpg IMG_20160329_153821.jpg IMG_20160330_170206.jpg IMG_20160330_170405.jpg IMG_20160330_194701.jpg IMG_20160330_194730.jpg IMG_20160331_091405.jpg IMG_20160331_094107.jpg IMG_20160331_105243.jpg IMG_20160331_162151.jpg

    This one might be confising... This is the nesting box door. I insulated it with 2 inch foam.
    IMG_20160401_163502.jpg IMG_20160401_163521.jpg IMG_20160401_172145.jpg IMG_20160401_202256.jpg IMG_20160402_201501.jpg IMG_20160403_171859.jpg
    I put skids on it. This step was one of the first ones, but I forgot to take a picture.
    The finished product! 100% insulated with an opening window, door, egg hatch, and it has electricity. It is now painted light brown and has a black seal under the four egg-hatch hinges.
    The inside... the roost is up higher.

    Thanks for looking at my coop! If you liked it, please comment!

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  1. Kenny_
    Looks great!
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  2. blackdust951
    Awesome job :clapit looks great! :thumbsup
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  3. The Angry Hen
    Very nicely done. You built it extra strong, great job! :-D ~K
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  4. Flufferes
    Awesome Caleb! It looks really cool! :D
    1. BYCforlife
  5. RiverStorm
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    1. BYCforlife
      Thanks! I wish the inside still looked that good! :-D
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    2. RiverStorm
  6. BYCforlife
    I forgot to mention, It has pretty much everything a normal house has except for Tyvec®. Not including heating and plumbing, of course. :lau

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