Standard Chickens-- This is the flock i had built up 2008-2009 I no longer have these I moved across state and started afresh. I now just have conturnix Quail, butler bobwhites, wisconsin jumbo bobwhites and assorted bantams with a few standards growing out. My goal is to have cornish bantams, dutch bantams, OEGBs, and a Dark Cornish roo over a couple large hens so i can breed my own broilers. I also plan to downsize the bobwhites to 12 of my largest females and as few of my largest males as I can get away with.

Cuckoo Marans



Egpytians Fayoumis

Ameraucana/ EE

Buff Cochins


Standard Dark Cornish

Mixed Layer Flock

Here is my White Leghorn/ EE from last fall's chicks

My Game/ RIR hen, She is in with my Egyptians and the chicks from her and the Egyptian roo are gorgeous! So far my most interesting mix


Silkies/ Sizzles/ Frizzles

Young sizzle chicks

Buff Silkies
Pics to come

OEGB (Old English Game Bantams)

Dark Cornish Bantams
Pictures to come


Chocolate Muscovies (Pictures to come)

Indian Runner Ducks
Pictures to come


English Buff Pheasants pics to come