Pictures of my soffit on my coop
Here is a picture where it shows the hardware cloth that I brought down on the siding. I nailed it and then put a 1x4 on it for cosmetic reasons

Here is a close up of the hardware cloth stapled to the bottom of the joists. I added a 1x2 on the right side to enclose the rough edge of the hardware cloth. I nailed the 1x2 to the bottom of the joists, caulked and painted to match soffit.

This picture shows the front edge that does not have the 1x2 nailed on it yet. I will add the piece, paint, and caulk to match the rest. You can see the added 1x2 pretty easy here.

This is another picture of the outside of the soffit. We added a 1/6 nailed to the edge of the joists then added a 1x2 for the drip edge along the roof line. I think it gives a nice finished look to the eaves.