jan2008006.jpg jan2008028-1.jpg
Mr. Roo and his harem With a few of his ladies.
Mr. Roo our Partridge Rock rooster.... and again.
dec20082002.jpg Dec2008004.jpg
DS helping out by feeding one of the new kids. Herding the goats.
Dec2008001.jpg 172.jpg
DS feeding forage from clearing fenceline. The girls enjoying the forage.
jan2008015.jpg jan2008010.jpg
Snowflake with her babies. One month old New Year's Day. Another shot, without mom.
jan20082005.jpg jan2008003.jpg
DH and neighbor move part of tree that fell during Ike. Makes great playground equipment for the kids.
jan2008016.jpg jan2008019.jpg
The big kids seem to like it too. All the critters do.
jan2008024.jpg jan20082001.jpg
Spaz, our youngest pygmy doe. Can't reach the mineral bucket so jumps in. More of our Boer girls.
jan2008022.jpg jan2008009.jpg
Baby Girl and Legs. The queen is on her perch, surveying her domain.
jan2008014.jpg jan20082002.jpg
Getting the garden ready for spring planting.