Pietro - The Most Mishevious Little Sebright Bantam in the World!

By PingandPietro · Aug 28, 2015 · Updated Sep 4, 2015 · ·
  1. PingandPietro
    This is Pietro, my Silver Sebright Bantam Pullet.
    She is Five Months old and we bought her from Burn's Feed Store in Oregon. The thing I love most about her is that even though she's the sneakiest and fastest chicken in our coop, she has a big heart!

    Pietro is smallest chicken in our coop, but for her size she is extremely mischevious! Her antics first began at birth. She was very weak, so ,y family was sure she wouldn't make it through the the night, but she percevered and in the meantime, was the loudest bossiness chicken in our coop!
    As she got older, she would hide in the rafters and corners of our barn, and she progressed from stealing snacks from the other chickens, to picking fights with the neighbors chickens: and she became the bundle of joy she is today! Pietro is best friends with our neighbors Bantam Rooster next door, and she often flies over our fence to get to the other side, but she always comes home.
    By day: an escapee, by night: an queen. What will she do next?
    Pietro is very dear to my heart, and I could never bear to get rid of her! My family and I are very proud of her, and can't wait for more adventures to come with our little Sebright Bantam.

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  1. PingandPietro
    She is, haha! Thanks! We love her so much, lately she has been teasing the squirrels haha XD
  2. Chickenchick11
    Awwwww, Pietro sure is a character!
  3. BantyChooks
    aww so cute!

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