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By pigtail21 · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. pigtail21
    Hi there, welcome to my page, as you can probably see I am very new to the BYC site and am trying to figure out everything, but most importantly wanted to tell you about our little chicken farm in South Reno NV!
    We raise mostly Bantams that the kids show for 4-H and here is a list: Seramas(Cockerel-Best in Show Youth, NV State Fair), Birchen Modern Games (Pullet-Best in Show 4-H Leader Show 2010), Buff Brahmas, bantam Black Cochins and Frizzles, Standard Lemon Blue Cochins, Silkies and hope to produce Showgirls in 2012. Also hope to hatch some Muscovies and Runners in the spring!
    The biggest news is we hatched out 23 Gray Calls this past year and a young male wonBest of Breed, Best youth Waterfowl and Youth Reserve in Show at NNPFA Poultry Show November 2011, he beat out over 200 birds both ducks and chickens, we are so excited!!! and the young Call female we entered(his sister) won reserve youth Waterfowl too!! Very proud of these Call Ducks!!

    We also raise meat birds (Cornish Rock crosses from McMurray Hatchery)for 4-H and won Grand Champion and Res Champion trios this year at the NV state Fair.

    I would like to tell you about the Northern Nevada Poultry Fanciers Assoc, upcoming Open and Youth Poultry show on November 2012!!. I am hoping we get lots of locals to come out or enter birds if they wish! This show is partnered with Feathered Friends 4-H Poultry club and we will have people from all over the west coast and more, we hope to receive more than our 500 entries of our last show. there will be show quality and breeding quality birds for sale there. This is also a great way to get a breeder to deliver your bird to you locally to save on shipping!

    here is our website with the show book to download, please share with your friends with poultry too!

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