my first blog, chicken or otherwise.
Here is my chicken story right or wrong..I'm gonna learn and keep on learning.

March 18th 2011 - picked out my pullets at Tractor supply, 6 dark bhramas - 3 have leg feathers 3 black with gry britches don t have leg feathers. well see ... I also chose 2 wht leghorn and 2 reds and 2 black unknnwn breed) All chicks were within a week old. I have them in a good draft free box with heat lamp.
3/21/11 - lost one of my unknown little black girls, dont know why. she had been well when i checked on them before bed last night. she was the smallest of all. all the other little girls seam to be fine .
still designing my coop. I have so many ideas, many from the chcken forum but getting someone to help me is priving difficut. I'll figure out something.