Thanks for visiting my page!
first alitle about me and my family.
My name is Heather. I live in Kissimmee florida with my 2 children, my daughter is 8 and my son is 3.
I started learning where our food comes from and lets just say I was extremly grossed out. I could not believe what I did not know, and that to me was upsetting. then I saw the chicks and eggs and knew this was something I could do with my kids and teach them something in the process.
I found a local backyard breeder and we got our first chicks.
They grow so extremly fast!
We have 4 hens~ I have a white rock, buff orphington,
black austrolorp and a RIR.
There names are Ming-ming, Pixie, Buffy and Tinker
They should start laying about the 2nd week of June! YEAH!!!



I looked all over the internet and here at coops and finally decided on one and the construction began.
My son and I built the coop and my daughter and I painted.
of course we had to decorate it just so it would fit into our garden(still working on that) so beautifully.
We are going to plant strawberries on the top !
The total length is 8.5 feet and 4hx4w.
I would have loved to go bigger but I have a HOA
that is
always around so I do let the girls out in the day in another
fenced in area of the yard with lots of grass, they love it.
The rocks arent just to be pretty, they are in a trench about 10 inches down with glass to prevent digging all around. lots of stuff was recycled! the rocks from a neighbor and all the hardware and the door was from the rabbit hutch that went wrong. the door was the rabbit roof! It was probably less than $100 I spent on the roof panel and hardware cloth and very little wood and the decorations were ebay finds! oh and cant forget the suncatchers my kids made are my favorite!