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    Hey Everyone!
    My name is PippyChicken. Well not really but...ya :p
    I'm OBSESSED with chickens!
    My favorites are seramas and turkens!
    I have 3 chicken coops.
    Coop 1-Houses all of our Standard chickens which include turkens,barred rocks,rir,EE,Buff Orpingtons,Dark Cornish,White Rocks,White Leghorns,Black Australorps,a very important EE named Pandora & others!
    Coop 2-Houses our bantams and baby chickens! Right now we have a broody bantam cochin with 5 little ones,2 d'Uccles,6 blue and black orpingtons,and a 5 week old duck and her little baby chicks.

    Last but not least Coop 3-A tragedy struck and now I have no seramas :'(

    My incubator-I have a Hovabator. It doesn't go too much unless I am doing an egg swap.

    Some hAVES&WANtS- I almost ALWAYS have eggs from Coop 1.They are so pretty :). I am not really looking for anything at the moment but some more seramas.Either eggs or birds are fine.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my page :D! I hope you enjoyed it.If anything else is needed that I need to add please tell me.

    I try to update my page pretty regularly... :)

    Thanks agai n:)

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