Welcome to my little slice of heaven! :D This page--much as my coops, runs, and gardens--is a work in progress. I'm usually outside farting around with them more than online, so apologies if I'm slow to put things up here.

baby coop.JPG

This was the beginning of my first coop and run, built summer of 2018. My DH, Joe, built the coop to look like a miniature of our house, which we had recently bought and renovated. He used the same siding, roofing, and stone facing as we used on the house.

The base of the coop and the run was made using tree trunk pieces and limbs from trees we cut down on our property.

Most of the wood (framing, walls, floors roof) was reclaimed from throwaway stuff that was in the dumpsters on Joe's job sites. He built the coop on top of an old bed frame in the garage, which we dragged across the lawn to put in the side yard. It was a huge pain in the butt and I would not recommend doing this method! But we wanted to use what we already had on hand as much as possible.

At the time I had my first batch of baby chickens, ever. :) This was 5 bantams I got from MPC that I had in a brooder in a spare room. At the time I thought 5 chickens was a lot and that there would be way too much room. Little did I know what I was getting into!!

insidefirst coop.JPG

This is the inside of that first coop. I can't believe how little my girls were, and how clean that coop was! From left to right, there is: Flower (a mille fleur D'uccle), my two Silkies Big Bird, Phoebe Buffay, my bantam Cochin Black Betty (who is deceased), and my Silkie Olive.

back coop.JPG

Here is a back view of the Original Coop, or the O.C. :)

....skip ahead a year or so....lots of pics to come, as I find them!


This is my brand-new rooster gate (and tree limb fence)my husband hand-made a few days ago. He was inspired by my Ayam Cemani roo, Lafayette, who was very ill and almost died He is currently recuperating and getting stronger daily! Hopefully, soon he will be back to crowing.
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