Thanks for stopping by my blog for the Little Farm in the Big City. I have been an avid gardener for 30+ years and finally got my first chickens. It has been a wonderful learning experience from how to build a brooder, brooding chicks, feeding, and housing. After just a few months, I have been rewarded with the best tasting (although small right now) eggs ever.

I currently have 4 bantam chickens (but since one started crowing, he has to move), 2 RIR and 1 EE pullets. It is just so much fun having the girls looking forward to seeing me walk out into the yard. They are extremely spoiled and always get a treat whenever I go outside. I will admit, this is the best my gardens have ever looked because the girlies get lots of weeds as well as other things from the garden as treats.
I am not exaggerating when I say little farm either. My entire yard measures just 60' by 80' and has a 1250 sqft home and 2 car garage. I garden with raised beds which total around 300 sqft and have just planted fruiting bushes along one side of my fence and 4 fruit trees in the front yard. I also raise papillon dogs who will soon be giving up a little more of their yard to add more planting beds...but don't worry, they will still have plenty of room to run outside
I am seriously looking into getting a nigerian dwarf goat to add to my little farm but want to wait to see if the city bothers me about the chickens yet. I certainly don't want to fight over the right to farm act here in Michigan but, believe me I'm up to it. I will have plenty of dog breeders as customers to buy the goat's milk and of course lots for my own pups as well.
The next project though is building a small lean to greenhouse to grow some food late into the season and for starting transplants in the spring. I am also going to put hoops on the majority of my planting beds (only 1 is covered now). Now to find plenty of recycled material to get going. Take a look at one of my recycled materials project, the Cabana Coop. I will have to also put pics up of my chicken tractor also made from totally recycled materials.