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Platespinners Member Page

By platespinner · Jan 11, 2012 ·
  1. platespinner
    Help please!
    I'm looking after our neightbours' chickens and one of them is behaving differently from the other two. She is sitting on the nest (to be used by all three) and looks rather wide and floppy. Her comb is hanging down. Last night she was rejecting anyone near and protesting a lot. This morning, I took her of the communal nest and put a make-shit one for her and put her on it. She got up, wandered around as if all was well and ate some food and this afternoon she's back on the main nest. She did lay a rather perculiar egg two days ago. It was normal in size but with a very rubbery shell. What could be wrong with her, if anything.....

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