Pleasant Springs Broody's

By delisha · Jul 16, 2013 ·
  1. delisha
    There is noting as sweet as a hen with chicks. Looking across the yard with the deep green grasses and seeing all those baby running behind mothers.

    Her name is *baby*. She has raised hundreds of chicks threw the years and she is one of my favorites. With her baby's in tow she will hop into any ones lap that has food and she is not picky who it is. All her chicks grow up loving people and understanding where food actually comes from. She will steal chicks from other mom's too. She started with 4 of her own and today she has 13. Her sisters do not seem to mind sharing mom duties.

    This is rocket. What a wonderful mom. She takes really good care of her ducklings and makes sure they are never left behind.

    All the birds work together feeding and raising chicks. Even the roosters feed the baby's.

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